When you have a home fixture you MUST provide a car parking marshal. Marshals should be familiar with the Grange Park car parking guidelines.
Saturday morning matches should not kick off before 11.00 to avoid clashes with training schedules.

KICK OFF TIME 09:3010:0010:3011.0011:1511.3012.0013.30
Sat 2nd Sep
Sun 3rd SepU13s (3)
Thu 7th Sep
Sat 9th SepU12s Blue (5)
Sun 10th SepU10s (6/7)U8s (8/9)
U11s (4)
U13s (3)
U12s White (5)
U14s (3)
Sat 16th SepU16s Girls (2)
Sun 17th SepU13s (3)U9s (6/7)
U7s white (8/9)
U7s blue (8/9)U17s (1)
Sat 23rd Sep
Sun 24th SepU9s (6/7)
U11s (4)
U12s Blue (5)
U10s (6/7)
U12s White (5)

Sat 30th SepU16s Girls (2)
Sun 1st OctU9s (6/7)
U12s Blue (5)
U12s White (5)U17s (1)
Sat 7th Oct
Sun 8th OctU10s (6/7)U8s (8/9)U17s (1)
Sat 14th OctU16s Girls (2)
Sun 15th OctU13s (3)U12s Blue (5)
U7s white (8)
U7s blue (9)
U14s (3)U17s (1)
Sat 21st Oct
Sun 22nd OctU10s (6/7)U11s (4)
Sat 28th Oct
Sun 29th OctU10s (6/7)U12s Blue (5)U14s (3)
U17s (1)
Sat 4th Nov
Sun 5th NovU13s (3)U8s (8/9)
U11s (4)
Sat 11th NovU16s Girls (2)
Sun 12th NovU7s white (8)
U7s blue (9)
U12s White (5)
U14s (3)
Sat 18th Nov
Sun 19th NovU10s (6/7)
U13s (3)
U11s (4)
U12s Blue (5)
U17s (1)
Sat 25th NovU16s Girls (2)
Sun 26th NovU10s (6/7)
Sat 2nd Dec
Sun 3rd DecU8s (8/9)
U11s (4)
U12s White (5)
Sat 9th DecU16s Girls (2)
Sun 10th DecU13s (3)U12s Blue (5)
U7s white (8)
U14s (3)
U12s White (5)
U17s (1)
Sat 16th Dec
Sun 17th DecU10s (6/7)U11s (4)
U12s Blue (5)
Sat 6th Jan
Sun 7th JanU7s blue (9)
Sat 13th JanU16s Girls (2)
Sun 14th JanU8s (8/9)
U11s (4)
U14s (3)U17s (1)
Sat 20th Jan
Sun 21st JanU10s (6/7)
U13s (3)
U14s (3)
U12s White (5)
Sat 27th JanU16s Girls (2)
Sun 28th JanU11s (4)U17s (1)
Sat 3rd Feb
Sun 4th FebU10s (6/7)U7s white (8)
U7s blue (9)
U14s (3)
Sat 10th Feb
Sun 11th FebU10s (6/7)U8s (8/9)
U11s (4)
U17s (1)
Sat 17th Feb
Sun 18th FebU14s (3)
Sat 24th FebU16s Girls (2)
Sun 25th FebU11s (4)U17s (1)
Sat 2nd Mar
Sun 3rd MarU11s (4)
Sat 9th Mar
Sun 10th MarU10s (6/7)U8s (8/9)
U14s (3)U17s (1)
Sat 16th Mar
Sun 17th MarU14s (3)
Sat 23rd Mar
Sun 24th Mar
Sat 30th Mar
Sun 31st Mar
Sat 6th Apr
Sun 7th Apr
Sat 13th Apr
Sun 14th Apr
Sat 20th Apr
Sun 21st Apr
Sat 27th Apr
Sun 28th Apr
Sat 4th May
Sun 5th May
Sat 11th May
Sun 12th May
Sat 18th May
Sun 19th May
Sat 25th May
Sun 26th May

Grange Park Saturday Morning Training Times 2022-23 Season

Wetherby High School Midweek Training Times 2022-23 Season


Grange Park pitch layout (not to scale)

Pitch 1: 11 a side (main pitch)
Pitch 2: 11 a side (second pitch)
Pitch 3: 11 a side (intermediate)
Pitch 4: 9 a side (new pitch)
Pitch 5: 9 a side (old pitch)
Pitches 6 & 7: 7 a side (larger pitches)
Pitches 8 & 9: 7 a side (smaller pitches)