The following documents contain guidance for managers, coaches and parents/carers for restarting competitive football matches and keeping our players safe in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidelines for managers and coaches

Guidelines for parents / carers

F.A. Guidance for restarting competitive grassroots football

First Aid guidance

The club has carried out risk assessments for the facilities at Grange Park and Wetherby High School in accordance with F.A. guidelines. The completed documents can be seen by clicking on the links below:

COVID-19 Risk Assessment - Grange Park

COVID-19 Risk Assessment - Wetherby High School

Please note the following additions to the club's Behaviour Code of Conduct. COVID-19 is a highly infectious and dangerous disease. Risk in sport cannot be completely eradicated but with caution and care these risks can be reduced. A resumption of contact play is only achievable if those involved create and maintain a controlled environment that minimises the threat of infection. Kirk Deighton Rangers JFC have carried out a risk assessment in line with the F.A. guidance issued 18th July 2020, but we all have individual responsibility to keep football and each other safe. Please do read the guidance carefully.

Each player will need to decide when to return to contact football, based on their own circumstances and being happy to adhere to the arrangements that have been put in place for a safe return. This is particularly the case for players from BAME communities or those with underlying health conditions.

All those returning to competitive grassroots football must adopt the following code of behaviour:

  • Take responsibility for monitoring your own personal health and that of your son/daughter. If you, or anyone in your household is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, or knows they have come into contact with someone displaying COVID-19 symptoms within the previous two weeks please DO NOT attend training/matches.
  • Before training please check your son/daughter:
    • does not have a high temperature (above 37.8˚C)
    • has not developed a new continuous cough
    • does not have a shortness of breath or a sore throat
    • has not lost their normal sense of taste or smell
    • is not feeling unwell
  • If you show any of the COVID-19 symptoms you must stay at home, inform NHS Test and Trace and seek medical advice.
  • Be responsible. Read this guidance and the guidance provided by The F.A. so that you are aware of the changes to the game and what is expected of you.
  • Always arrive at the venue in your own kit, always wash the kit afterwards, bring your own labelled water bottle, hand sanitiser and be aware of changes to meet-up times.
  • Players should socially distance before and after training/matches. Players must listen to coaches asking them to socially distance.
  • Practise good hygiene. Wash your hands (or use sanitiser) regularly and always before and after a game.
  • Please follow any new signage at Grange Park/Wetherby High School that will help the club keep players and spectators safe.
  • Please follow any request from a club official, manager or coach.
  • Support NHS Test and Trace. If someone other than a parent/carer is attending a match/training (e.g. grandparent) their name and contact details must be provided to the coach. This is in case of a COVID-19 outbreak so those potentially infected can be traced. This is to everyone's benefit so please cooperate.
  • Do not spit. Spitting and the rinsing out of mouths is now a recognised risk to health and must not be done.
  • Avoid shouting or raising your voice if face to face with other players.
  • Chewing gum is banned.
  • Parents/carers attending training/matches must observe social distancing rules.

Please note also the Club's requirements for Data Privacy have also been updated to support the NHS Track and Trace system. In the vast majority of occasions we do not need to collect any additional information as we can use the existing details and will keep a register of players attending all training and match sessions.